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Vlinders aan de Vliet

Last month my brother made me pick up my camera and join him to a butterfly zoo close to where he lives. I charged my battery and grabbed my gear, only to find out that the auto focus of my camera was malfunctioning…for no apparent reason by the way. Anyway, since most macro photography doesn’t rely on auto focus but more on manual focus I decided to give it a go on full manual old skool style. Dear lord, doin’ it like that is a serious pain in the part you sit on while you read this. Nevertheless the results were not to bad…just maybe I should make more pictures then like this? (Don’t count on it)

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Ouradour sur Glane

Due to my interest in the second world war I really wanted to visit Ouradour sur Glane one time. Since we were on vacation in the Brenne in France I spent a day and went to this place. I really wanted the pictures that I made there reflect what that place stands for and how I felt to be standing there. It is a rather different way of making pictures compared with a walk through the woods, since the pictures I was hoping to make are not just nice pictures but I needed to tell a story. Looking at the results now I have the feeling that I succeeded in my goal. I hope you agree.

For more info on Ouradour sur Glane, or if you don’t know what it is at all go here

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Some pics from a few weeks in France. I made a lot of photos, these are the ones I particularly like.

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Power of colour

Amsterdam, famous for so many things; this is one of them. It is a shame that one can not be it’s intrinsic self everywhere ones travels bring one. I hope that my pictures have captured some of the pleasant, easy going, accepting everybody for who they are mood that flooded the streets that day.

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The annual day at the races with my brother. Very hot, very loud, very enjoyable. I hope you like the pics as much as we liked the day 🙂

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