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May 2007, Australia Part 9

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  1. Stellar work there evreeony. I’ll keep on reading.

    2016/08/08 at 21:58

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    2016/08/09 at 11:15

    • I’m quite pleased with the intromafion in this one. TY!

      2016/11/30 at 05:55

    • Ah, that’s a GOOD point — trusting women who say they are lesbian.I just can’t get out of my head the MANY times that I’ve been told either by men, or by heterosexual women, what constitutes ‘proper’ sex, and what doesn’t. How many times women have been told what they are supposed to want, or how their bodies are supposed to respond.

      2016/12/25 at 18:35

    • More gorgeous stuff! I love Rebecca and Adora's ornaments! I am also loving all of the fabulous die cuts! This is a wonderful collection and I am keeping my fingers crossed to win it! 🙂

      2016/12/30 at 01:43

    • Jim BrysonFebruary 22, 2012 Checks are soooo 1990s.  Instead, I’m sending you my 2-cents via digital communication.  Thanks for making my day with that article.  I could so very much relate to those stories.  Now, don’t spend it all in one place, my friend.  Hope to see you soon.  Maybe Rome? Â

      2016/12/30 at 13:13

    • Il vrem si noi pe adresa contact[arond]boardgames-blog[punct]ro . Multumim! Si daca ai si mai multe detalii despre jocul Competitia sau alte jocuri de soicetate vechi din perioada comunista, ar fi super!

      2017/02/12 at 16:21

  3. Visst är det tröttsamt och även som Mikael skriver om när folk tar sig friheten att fråga när man ska skaffa barn. Som du Daniel skriver att man är glad och trevlig men det räcker inte för alla. Tyvärr har jag inga tips utan bara det att vi måste få vara som vi är nyktra men glada.

    2016/11/01 at 19:04

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    2016/12/15 at 01:00

  5. retain up the excellent work about the web site. I kinda like it! Could use some more frequent updates, but im sure you got more or better stuff to do , hehe.

    2017/02/09 at 18:18

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