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At the local photoclub we  had our annual photo estafette. The goal is to let yourself be inspired by a photo you receive and make a new photo to send to the next person in line. I received a picture of a young boy eating pancakes. Puzzled as I was (was it a mistake, did I received a family picture instead of the estafette photo?) the photo didn’t trigger any inspiration. And with the passing of time inspiration became transpiration since I had to pop a photo. Finally I had it; what are pancakes made of? Exactly, flower (or in Dutch: Bloem). I made this photo indoors, strobist style, using an SB800 at full  manual at 1/4th of its power straight behind the daffodil and an SB24 at 45 degrees through a white umbrella at 1/8th of its power. The cam was set to manual 1/125 and a proper aperture. I think the flare was a lucky touch that just finished off the picture.

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