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Shallow Goldfish

Once I had two; one got curious and jumped out, into a bag with books from the library. When he (or she) was found, it was already too late; fish was stiff, cold and dry. Thank god we still had the pictures. This picture was made with my dad’s old Minolta XD-5 and his 50mm/1.7 Rokkor and the film (400ASA) was scanned with a Plustek 7200. I just love the shallow depth of field that is possible with this cam, me being used to the high tech modern SLRs. Somehow this photo got stuck in my head, the colors, the damage on the film caused by the development process in the factory. The highlight of the reflection from the window, the grain. To me it’s moody. For the fish, it was a shallow bowl, and for the picture, it has shallow depth of field. The fish was flushed (that’s truly shallow)¬†and replaced by a new one so his former buddy would’t take his own life too by leaving the bowl. Why did it jump, was it depressed, was the bowl to shallow, was it curious? Curiosity kills the cat they say, not the fish.

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