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Remember the festival

When I look out of my window the seemingly endless summer is a memory from a distant past. However, when I browse through the (not so many) pictures on the computer I realize it was only just a few weeks ago when I look at the file dates. I hope that the already seemingly endless amounts of rain and wind will not last as long as the endless summer felt to have lasted.

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Pretty sight

This is just 5 minutes cycling from my backyard…nice dunes, suitable for long walks…and the view, splendid when you look in that direction…

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I’d spare you the pictures of dead, decomposing deers that did not make it through last brutal winter…instead a nice sunset after a nice walk

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Butter flies!

Just two photos I found in the dungeons of my harddrive…I made them on a trip together with my brother to a flying butter farm ūüėČ My brother also found out that taking pictures can be a lot of fun (prove:¬†). It was not such a spectaculair day photo-wise, but is was a good day. That’s what counts, right?

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Huis te koop!

Leuk en licht huis in rustige wijk, zo te betrekken, aan het water, tuin op zuid westen, veranda, recente badkamer en toilet, 5 minuten fietsen van winkels en centrum, 7 minuten van station en veerboot naar Texel, ruime parkeermogelijkheden voor de deur.

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New start?

Hi all! I noticed that this website still¬†attracts¬†viewers, I was pleasantly surprised ūüôā I just wanted to post some text -for now- and let you all know that I found my camera and actually still remembered how it worked ūüėÄ Over the past months I sold some gear (most importantly my studio flashes) since I felt they wouldn’t serve me any longer…Furthermore, a change of house, home and city in the very near future will¬†definitely¬†give me some more spare time and will probably trigger me some more to pick up my camera once more…I’ll keep you posted!

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Owl on pole for display.  Never saw the forest and curious after the world. An almost 360 degrees rotating capability of your neck helps. Nevertheless. sitting on your pole whole day long, not really all that exciting I imagine.

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Where’s the summer?

Sitting at home watching the rain rain…and a lot of rain rains down these days. I can image that with so much water even fish could drown. When I look at the very few pictures that I made this summer; which in a way also reflects the weather; I instantly want to go back to the easy French countryside. There where your mobile phone won’t work, where everything closes from noon ’till two, where it’s fun to have a walk to a boulangery for a pain…just the field, the cows, sunny weather and lots of nothingness to clear yor mind from everything that slipped in over the course of a year or so…crap, what a rain today.

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Curiosity killed…

dsc_7775…the beef. Did you ever wondered why cows follow you when you pass a field filled with them? Why do they all come to the fence when you stop at the fence? They sniff, they look, they want to come closer yet you scare the h*ll out of them when you blink. It’s not so difficult to make a photo like this one and I think that most of the hikers among us have such a picture in their archives. Yet, the image appeals to me (not because of the beef involved). Something about mutual curiosity I suppose; framed and frozen. I wonder if they are still in that field now…

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I see you

Somewhere in July I had the¬†privilege¬†to try to capture Kristina in photos. Somewhere in the corner of the studio was a small cabinet filled with some old cameras. I gave Kristina a camera and shoot some photos. This was one of ¬†the last images captured during that session. After we’d finished the shoot and sat outside in the sun recovering from a afternoon indoors our conversation somehow turned to viewing, looking and seeing. The essence of the difference between those must¬†lay¬†in the focus; where do you focus when you look? Is everything that you see when you look really something that is visible? Do people see you, truly you, or see they just the way you look? What do you want other people to see when they look at you? The camera can make exquisite images of someone, but did it really captured that person?

What do you see when you look at other people?

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