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June 2011, London 2

Typical London, the Eye, Ben behind a light, rigid lines of the outside the House off Parlement funnily representing the inside function of that building, tourists being tourist with a phonebooth and a short sighted guard. The latter was not his fault, he has to wear that blinding big hat. It’s just what I see when I read the scenes I see.

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June 2011, London 1

A quick visit to London. I swiftly realized that there are more tourists in London than that there actual people living in London.  I discovered that the pubs close to early to find someone  who isn’t loaded after 23:oo on a Friday evening and that the fashion of the ladies is most amusing to say the least and worth while looking into, in the most literal sense of that statement. Nevertheless, coming from Amsterdam, I really liked the vibes in that little big city.

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June 2011, Alsace 2

The second (and last) set of pictures from a little week away from home. Funny how being in another place but home triggers the hunt for the things that are different from home. Usually these differences are easy to spot and these are the photographs you make. I make. But what does one has to do to make better pictures than every body else is taking and at the same time make these pictures have value besides just being nice pictures?

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June 2011, Alsace 1

Part one of a little break in a region of France, the Alsace. Another collection of fine pictures for the archives and to share with the world. Weird cleaning tools pointing to a spotless sky, ancient memorials for once dearly beloved people, the contrast between the serenity of churches and the remains of the battle fields from the Big War and tourist capturing, well, everything I suppose. It’s just a few things that triggered me to capture it.

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April 2011, Birdshow

Nothing fancy, just some nice photos of flying birds at a birdshow. I used a 70-200/2.8 lens and a D300, with full 3D focus tracking. No VR was used since I figured that the focus tracking and the time that the lens needs for it’s VR to work would interfere with each other. The result was a lot of failures and pictures that were sharp at the wrong places. Here are a few of the best, but clearly, I need to practice more on photographing fast moving objects. Once I am more confident that I can make these pictures  might also find the time to appreciate these magnificent birds since for this particular event, I have no real memory of me being there and enjoying the birds 😀

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April 2011, De keukenhof 4

I think these will do nice in a frame on the wall. Just to have a colorful spring thing on the wall in the dark months of winter. Yet I can’t decide which one to print, maybe it’ll be all four of them. I just like this still views, with nothing and yet so much to see. But no fancy stuff, just to fill a part of my living room with a glance of springs that were and springs that, I’m sure, will come.

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April 2011, De Keukenhof 3


And what a wealth of beautiful flowers was there to see. Of course I didn’t only took photographs of the people, but I had to try to capture the beauty of the flowers as well. I was just sitting in the grass (sitting was OK, whereas walking…) and looking at all the splendor surrounding me. I hope some of my astonishment of their presence is represented in my photographs.

My mom would have loved these flowers…

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April 2011, De Keukenhof 2


Besides photographers there where also a lot of people doing more relaxed things. Somehow photography seems to me like a rush-art which works like this for most people: ‘Wow!’ *click* run away until the next ‘Wow!’. These people here seem much more aware of their surroundings. Maybe, just maybe, if photographers would take more time to see, before and after taking a picture, they might experience more what they are actually trying to capture and perhaps the are inspired to make an even better picture of the same subject.

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April 2011, De Keukenhof 1

De Keukenhof, a famuos Dutch tourist thing. Therefore, the Dutch don’t go there. Until the realize that they should. At least for once then. If you are one of those people who like to take pictures of other people, you really will enjoy it! I was struck by all the people collecting memories and was wondering how many people would truly see the beauty of the flowers o the spot instead of back home behind a computer screen. The guy shooting a flower while his girlfriend was posing behind a flower for him, the monk who like a magician all of a sudden had a rather nice camera in his hand, all the Japanese people (they are indeed really ‘interesting’ to watch). I found so many more beautiful things there than just the flowers. (D300 and 70-200/2.8, yes the VR)

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April 2011, Fair

And then there was a little party in town. I like the less crowded times, since there are more small gems to photograph then. I find it difficult to capture the moments in which the emotion happens so I practice that as much as I can. To be not a part of the photo (that happens when when people interact or ‘notice’ the photographer) I used a tele lens (70-200) that’s capable of producing shallow depths of field. That way I can isolate my subjects from the background. I’m pleased with the results, I think to manage to capture more than a image, what do you think of the photos?

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